The Ruahh Adinkra Collection

The Ruahh Adinkra Collection

Ruahh Adinkra Collection

Ruahh's Adinkra collection is a truly magical and captivating line of jewelry that exudes the beauty and richness of Ghanaian culture. The infusion of African designs and elements in every piece is simply enchanting, weaving together a mesmerizing story of the African heritage.

As the creative mastermind behind the brand, The Adinkra forms a deep-rooted pride evident in the Adinkra collection. The Adinkra designs create a space for every woman to explore and appreciate beauty and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Ruahh's jewelry is not just an accessory but a piece of pride that invites everyone to understand its nuances and share in our of belonging. With Ruahh, every woman can wear a jewel that is both unique and meaningful, capturing the beauty and richness and telling a captivating story of the African culture and heritage.

This colorful statement earring adds class to any look. Drawing inspiration from the popular Kente pattern, it fuses traditional symbolism with a modern trend to create a chic accessory. As a girl born and raised in Ghana, I take pride in my Ghanaian heritage and as such, I have incorporated my roots into my jewelry designs. 

These symbols carry significant meaning, representing concepts such as strength, wisdom, royalty and love. The Adinkra collection combines geometric forms and bold colors unified in pieces that are both fashionable and meaningful.

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